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Bangladesh Wheelchair Sports Foundation

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Bangladesh Wheelchair Sports Foundation is a non-profitable sports organization that won the 'Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020'.

Fil d'actualité

On 17.01.2021, the officials of Bangladesh Wheelchair Sports Foundation met with the officials of Bangladesh Rugby Federation Union at the Bangladesh Rugby Federation Union office regarding 'Starting Wheelchair Rugby in Bangladesh'. In this meeting, on behalf of Bangladesh Rugby Federation Union Mr. Mousum Ali, General Secretary, Mr. Sayeed Ahmed, Joint Secretary, and other officials were present along with Mr. Noor Nahian, Founder & President, Mr. Md. Rajon Hossain, Co-founder & Vice President, Mr. Muntasir Feroz, Co-founder & Director (Management), Mr. M. Enamul Haque, Co-founder & Director (Administration), and other officials of Bangladesh Wheelchair Sports Foundation.


19.01.2021 19:14 ·

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  • Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020 

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