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Baylie Daniels

 Kinnelon Acrobatics, Tumbling


Hi! My name is Baylie, I will be doing division ll acrobatics and tumbling in college. I have 15 years of gymnastics experience and have also been a track and field athlete. Looking forward to talking with you!!


I have 15 years of training as a gymnast, two years as a sprinter and pole vaulter, and I run and lift everyday. I am a very motivated athlete and I will be a collegiate athlete this fall. I am a dedicated athlete who has pushed through many setbacks and injuries. That being said, I am always looking for anything to help me as an athlete and I believe Id be able to help to further build prestige and public image for sponsors. 

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2,000 instagram followers, 3,500 tiktok followers, College competitions broadcasted on ESPN 

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