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Christina Clemons

 Lawrence, KS USA Athlétisme


Professional Athletics 100m Hurdler | 6th in the world | Adidas Ambassador


I give people hope! In 2013, I suffered from a “career ending injury” when I ruptured my achilles. For my sport that is something that is almost impossible to come back from. In 2017, my first year back healthy I made the World championship team and ranked 4th in the world. I’m the 2018 world indoor silver medalist for the 60 meter hurdles and 2020 World tour champion. My motto is #ChooseTheFight and when others are in a space to where they feel like they cannot go forward, I just tell them to look at me and see how far God has brought me! So many people have been inspired by this and during the time I may have not understood why it had happened to me, but now I do!

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