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I'm an italian athlete who run hurdles. I was in jerusalem with the national team for the u18 european athletics championships, where i ran the semifinal. My personal best are 7.99 and 13.96, the best times in italy this year on the 60hs and 110hs.

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23.11.2022 17:04 ·

I'm a young athlete of the Italian national team and I'm looking for a simple collaboration. I participated in the U18 European Championships in Jerusalem finishing 5 in the semifinals. I take part every year in the national championships both indoors and outdoors and in some editions I have reached the podium. My personal records are 13.96 on 110hs and 7.99 on 60hs.

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I have 1k followers on instagram, with about 350 likes per post and about 600 views per story

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