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Haider SK Tarin

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I have been riding horses since I was three years old, I have played every equestrian sport and found my passion in showjumping. asian games


He was an active Rider, since Class K2 onwards at Aitchison College and was declared the Best Rider in the Junior School multiple times, till his P.E Instructors discovered his natural talent in Athletics and was then given more attention towards athletics.

The family shifted to Doha – State of Qatar, as his father, Abid Salim Khan Tarin, who served as the Secretary General of the Equestrian Federation of Pakistan – EFP (2005 – 2018) was elected as the Deputy Secretary General of the Asian Equestrian Federation – AEF (40 Countries) presently based in Qatar. His father has a long affiliation with the Equestrian sports/disciplines, which is approx. 30 years and holds additional appointments, Board Member International Tent Pegging Federation – ITPF (38 Countries) and Technical Adviser – Qatar Equestrian Federation – QEF (2018 – Till Date)

Haider got the opportunity to revert to his passion of pursuing Equestrian Sports, and Qatar being a very active and high-profile country in Equestrian Sports, had a lot to offer on the platter. With TOP Level Coaches, Horses, Facilities, and Opportunities to actively train and participate at various National Competitions.

Since 2018 onwards, Haider followed his dream and passion and focused on the Equestrian discipline of Show Jumping, training with TOP Level European Coaches in Qatar and is presently considered in the good Expat Riders in Qatar.

Keeping in view the upcoming 19th Asian Games, his name was proposed to the Equestrian Federation of Pakistan – EFP for their consideration to enter his name for the Games through the Pakistan Olympic Committee – POA. Both POA and EFP agreed and sent his entry to the Olympic Council of Asia – OCA and the OC of the Asian Games and his entry was accepted.

Keeping in view, his father’s vast experience and contacts in the Equestrian Community around the globe, the family decided that Haider would be sent to England for further intensive training with the World Class Coaches, 5 months prior to the Games and would go further directly from England to China in September 2023 to participate and represent his country PAKISTAN at the Asian Games.

It is the first time in the history of the country that someone will be representing the country in the individual showjumping category which is competed at the height 1 meter 50 cm just 20 cm less from the Olympic games 



Training Camp in England 5 Months

Air Tickets Qatar – England – China – Qatar

Boarding/Lodging England 5 Months

Transportation England

Coaching Fee 5 Months

Horses Lease Charges – 2 Horses – 5 Months

Transportation of Horses to China & England 

Air Tickets Coach & Groom England – China – England

Accommodation of Team Coach & Groom in China

Team Coach & Groom Fee/Meals/Transportation

Horses Feed, Veterinary Charges, Shoeing

Rider & Team Uniforms – Rider/Coach/groom

Horses Tack & Equipment – 2 Horses

Horses Quarantine 30 Days in China – 15 Days Return Quarantine England

Total Expenses/Cost affiliated to the above Points: In Euros: €.150,000/-
In PAK Rs.30,000,000/-

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The Asian games is known to be the biggest sporting event in number of sports and spectators, the athlete does not have a social media account yet as he deactivated all of his accounts to focus on the sport not knowing having it would have been a plus point but an account can be made and publicized. There would be worldwide coverage of the games and the athlete can wear the sponsors logo on his practice attire and his horse while training and share as during the competition you can not wear any logos or anything of that sort. but before and after getting of the horse for the competition he could be seen in the sponsored clothing etc

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