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Jacob Cassar

 Taylors Lakes Boxen, Kampfsport


My name is Jacob Cassar, I'm a passionate and dedicated 15-year-old Boxer. I'm currently a 2x Victorian, 1x Australian champion with goals to achieve more domestic success before representing Australia at World Championships, Comm Games and Olympics.


I began boxing at the age of 8 due to being bullied at school and having low self-esteem. However, I have become a 2x Victorian, 1x National Champion and 1x Australian Club Champion. I currently hold a record of 12 fights for 12 wins and have been selected as a member of the Boxing Australia National Futures Program. I am dedicated to continuing my journey and am working to achieve further domestic success before representing my country in international competitions.

I volunteer as a junior assistant coach at my local gym for children 7-12 and am passionate about inclusion and anti-bullying.

In my spare time, I collect discarded pushbikes, refurbish them in my family garage and give them away to local disadvantaged families at Christmas time.


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I am not currently active on social media. However, I am looking to engage someone to do this with me to ensure I represent myself, my sport and my sponsors as best and professionally as possible.

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