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Jessica LeBeau

 Ann Arbor Softball


I am currently a Junior pitcher at the University of Michigan. I love exploring new places and especially like to hike, bike and kayak in the summer.


When expanding to female athletes, I think it is valuable to understand that we are powerful athletes too. We prepare just as much as male athletes and don’t get all the same opportunities. I believe female athletes should get the same opportunities, as we could have a different target audience to promote different brands. As for me, I am very organized and love to plan out events and trips. One of my favorite things about family vacation is planning out the whole week. I find joy in being organized and would love to be a sponsor for your company. This last year, I transferred from Kent State University to the University of Michigan. I am currently a junior pitcher and am looking forward to playing in the BIG10. 

Chiffres clés des sponsors

Instagram followers: 1,538 with 68 posts

Twitter followers: 307 

Twitter engagement: Posted my commitment to University of Michigan, it reached 11,027 people with 2,020 engagements and 589 profile visits. 

Audience per event: over 100 people, as I could host events on campus 

TV coverage: CBS, FOX, NBC, Peacock, Big ten network, and FS1

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