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Mack Brinke

 Grafhorst Ski Alpin, sports d'hiver


Hello my name is Mack I am a 12 year old alpine racer who skis 20 weeks per year in Austria, Slovakia, France, and Italy. I am living my childhood dream and I am currently switching schools to follow this dream. And I would like you to be part of it.


I am going to be honest there is no reason to sponsor me. All i can tell you is next year is my year I am currently the youngest in u14 and next year the oldest from the 2009 i am the second fastest. All i know is i am going to work really hard to get that childhood dream which is becoming dutch champion. Next year i will be competing in international competition's scattered over Europe and if you would be with me in this journey that would be fantastic.

Notre sponsor préféré

I need a sponsor that doesnt per se give money but products that can help me grown and that I can promote easy. for example if you make ski wax i can make a video about me skiing with it and using it and blogging about it. if you make ski clothing i can promote it and it can help me.

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i Have 500 followers on Instgram

i average about 80 likes per post

I Don't post A lot but i will start posting more about my sponsors

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