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Annalise Godshall

 Kissimmee Patinaje, Deportes de invierno

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Looking for a brand or sponsor for a great athlete.


Annalise is dedicate, hardworking and wants to become better at the sport. Looking for a sponsor for my child to grow and get the proper funding for her career interest. Has gone to 4 competitions this year. Won in her home state and just started passing tests in the United States Figure Skating federation. Currently spending 1,000 dollars a week on it and looking for a sponsor who would be interested to partner with a company or business to cover the cost while promoting their brand as well.

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Current winner at Sunshine State 2022 in her category.

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Has been featured and represents her club of over 600 members. Has been in 3 local ice shows, another set next month. Has been shown over Facebook Live And works with Olympic level coaches.

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Figure Skating Club of Osceola (Club)
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