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Annalise Godshall

 Kissimmee Pattinaggio su ghiaccio, Sport invernale


Looking for a brand or sponsor for a great athlete.


Annalise is dedicate, hardworking and wants to become better at the sport. Looking for a sponsor for my child to grow and get the proper funding for her career interest. Has gone to 4 competitions this year. Won in her home state and just started passing tests in the United States Figure Skating federation. Currently spending 1,000 dollars a week on it and looking for a sponsor who would be interested to partner with a company or business to cover the cost while promoting their brand as well.

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I più grandi successi

Current winner at Sunshine State 2022 in her category.

Dati fondamentali per gli sponsor

Has been featured and represents her club of over 600 members. Has been in 3 local ice shows, another set next month. Has been shown over Facebook Live And works with Olympic level coaches.

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Figure Skating Club of Osceola (Club)
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