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Brats With Bats

 Connersville Softball


The Connersville Brats with Bats is a non profit youth travel softball organization for children ages 6 and up. The Brats offer children an opportunity to bond with a team, learn essential cooperative skills, and gain the benefits of athletics.


Brats with Bats Softball is requesting your support to help re-establish our program. We take pride in our community and our girls, and encourage them to reach their full potential through individual effort, team work, and a strong family bond. Last year for the first time in many years, we  successfully fielded two teams and this year have expanded to include 8U, 10U, and 12U.  This year we will have over 35 young girls from ages 7 to 12 playing with us. Your donation helps us pay for insurance, uniforms, equipment, training fees, tournament fees, and to help cover lodging for our coaches for away tournaments if needed. Please help us to provide a safe and fun activity that allows us to raise young women who understand honor and respect, and who seek out their full capabilities with grace and courage.

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  • Our organization has 40 youth members, hundreds of parents, and the support of the loc school system.
  • Our games 6 per season) are visited by 200 visitors on average all around the mid-eastern potion of Indiana. 
  • Our Facebook page has over 2.1K views a week. 
  • Our community is struggling financially and a vast majority of our families are in poverty and count on support from sponsors. 
  • The team appears in the Connersville News Examiner. 
  • By sponsoring our team, you can help the communities little girls make a huge positive impact on this town. 

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