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Chicago Hurricanes

 Des Plaines Cricket


Chicago Hurricanes is a franchise cricket club which is part of Chicago Premier Cricket League. The 2022 season starts in June and lasts through 1st week of September. All games will be played in Skokie Sports Complex.


For decades Chicago has played amateur and semi professional cricket as entertainment. In the past few years with the inception of Minor League and Major League Cricket in the United States, new avenues have opened up for sports people to pursue the sport of cricket as a career. 

Chicago Hurricanes Cricket Club was established as a platform for young budding cricketers to showcase their talent and therefore be able to propel into Minor League, Major League, or the National Team. We believe in providing that pathway to people who are talented enough to make it but do not have the means or resources to get there by themselves. 

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Dati fondamentali per gli sponsor

Chicago Hurricanes is still in the inception stages and therefore we do not have any substantial following at the moment , however we are working on getting more followers as we move through the 2022 season. 

On the flip side there have been elite tournaments that have attracted close to a 1000 people to the venue over a long weekend. We are confident that we can attract a third of that number for every game we play based on the talent that is our club. This happens to be a unique opportunity to target a niche community that is not only into sports but also where most members are a well educated and are entrepreneurs.

We can also offer the following to our sponsors 

  1. Logo on the game jersey 
  2. Logo on cricket kit
  3. Recognition and marketing through our social media handles.
  4. Opportunity to hand out awards at the end of each game. 
  5. 10 - 15 sec ads that can played during the live stream on YouTube / Facebook 
  6.  Games will be covered as part of community round up on TV Asia. 


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