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Daniele Manna

 Pescara Colli Tennis


My name is Daniele Manna, I'm 17 years old and I'm Italian. Fully immerged in Tennis training and hoping one day for the best result.


Actually I live in Teramo with my tennis team, we work very hard every day. All the workouts start at the morning till evening at 18 pm. I'm very motivated and I believe in my chances. I partecipated at the BNL Rome qualification tournament in 2017, after this expirience I managed to Belgium more precisely in Bruxelles. In Bruxelles I was working with the BATD and AFT association where I beat the number 4 in the U16 ranking. I'm searching for a sponsor that can represent me, strong believes and strong mentality.

I don't believe in dreams but in hard work.

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Dati fondamentali per gli sponsor

Instagram: _danielemanna_

Facebook: Daniele Manna

Tiktok: danielemanna

Recent Event : Eurosportweek, in Teramo

Appeared also in the newspaper : Il centro Pescara


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