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Denny Berndt

 Berlin Deportes de motor, Carreras de Montaña, Arrancon ...

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Searching for support to make my childhood dream becoming reality!


Thank you for having a look!

My name is Denny, 17 years old and racing since the age of 4. 

- karting since 2008

- competing in German Karting Series (RMC) since 2013

- over 20 podiums in German Karting Series

- experience in many different racing cars: Formula ADAC Masters/ König, Ferrari, BMW, Audi 

- 2022 BMW 318ti Cup

Uso de Patrocinio

There are various points where you could support me a lot. Only one example would be getting the professional wear needed for racing in modern GT or Formula cars. 

For more information how you can support me, please contact!

 I won`t bite :)


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  • 20+ podiums in RMC Germany
  • experience in various GT and Formula cars



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