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Emily Rosario

 New York Atletica leggera, Corsa sulla media distanza, Corsa sulla lunga distanza ...


Award Winning Olympic Development Runner, Professionally Trained Actress, Spokesmodel, Fitness Influencer, Entrepreneur


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08.09.2021 18:51 ·
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29.07.2021 Emily Rosario tells her story on The Athlete's Obseshion — Obsesh 1
08.09.2021 15:46 ·

I will be running in the1 mile road championships at the New Balance 5th Ave Mile; televised on USATF.tv September 12th

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I always run (2-5) personal bests in each season (Cross Country, Indoors and Outdoor Track and Field)

I had a division 1 NCAA scholarship for track and field.


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