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Steven Hornik & Philip Lask

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We're two ordinary boys who are achieving extraordinary things. Achieving the Explorer’s Grand Slam. Climbing Mount Everest next.


  • Together with a friend, we decided to travel to Africa for four weeks in the summer of 2014. We chose Tanzania as our destination, where we made the decision to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. It was a decision that would change our lives forever. We fell in love with the mountains and mountaineering as a sport, with all the bells and whistles: thephysical and mental challenges, incredible landscapes and views, camaraderie with your friends, and the indescribable feeling to stand on top of a peak.
  • With the desire to experience this feeling again, we chose our next big mountain – Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe. After our successful summit, we thought about climbing all of the Seven Summits for the first time. We knew that there would be a few tough challenges ahead of us, in order to even think about climbing Everest. That’s why we have been continuously developing our mountaineering skillset and experience ever since.
  • In January 2018, we climbed Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere. Since it’s usually not possible (or common) to climb in the Himalayas during that time of the year, we managed to reach South America’s tallest peak as (likely) the highest standing human beings on Earth. You can view a highlight video of our Aconcagua expedition here.
  • Two years ago, we faced our biggest challenge yet. We travelled to Alaska to conquer Mount Denali, considered as the dress rehearsal for a Mount Everest expedition by many. It was a huge challenge, where each of us had to carry more than 130 lbs up the mountain in a three-week expedition. A worthy final test before attempting to conquer the biggest mountain of them all and to fulfil our dream – to stand on top of the world.

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Having already climbed four of the Seven Summits

Datos principales para patrocinadores

  • Presence on the mountain: Company/ organization logo on our down suits (and other equipment); placing a flag with the logo of your organization at the summit of Mount Everest
  • Print- and web media: Interviews for newspapers/ magazines/ online portals to create awareness around sponsoring company/ organisation and the common endeavor Everest
  • Social Media:
    • Insight into the preparation for a Mount Everest climb; social media “takeovers” and live Q&As / tours from Everest basecamp
    • During our summit push, representatives of the sponsoring entity can have exclusive access to the expedition leadership team at basecamp in order to provide news updates to its community (Inspiration)
  • Community Effect: Creation of a challenge for sponsoring entity’s community: simultaneously to our expedition, motivated followers, members, and supporters of sponsor can try to cover 8,848 meters (or more) on the treadmill, in the staircase, or while hiking in the mountains1
  • Organization of day hikes: Leading up to the expedition, we can organize community-strengthening hikes in the Hudson Hills just north of New York City
  • Fundraising: As a key element of the collaboration, we could raise donations for a charity/ topic of your choice2
  • Presentation and Q&A during a company/ organization event (Inspiration)
  • “Right of use”: Access to pictures and videos that can be used by the sponsoring company/ organization for future outreach efforts and marketing campaigns


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