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FC Lorient

 Lorient Calcio


Un club bientôt centenaire Stabilisé au niveau professionnel depuis 1995 15 saisons en Ligue 1 Projet de rénovation du stade pour 2025 > 250 000 spectateurs par saison > 500 entreprises partenaires > 600 000 Fans cumulés sur les réseaux s


The Merlus club (FC Lorient) is a dynamic club, driven by a strong momentum of sympathy, and federates around its identity and its values.

A vector of image, gas pedal of notoriety, actor of the local economy and creator of social link, the FC Lorient, counts more than 6000 subscribers, 500 partners and gathers more than 13000 spectators on average at the Moustoir stadium.

The FCL is also 217 amateur clubs in the region affiliated to "L'Armada du FCL", 12,000 young footballers are invited each season to special events. A committed and civic-minded club, which carries out numerous charitable operations and social actions.

Finally, the FCL Training Center, at the heart of the club's development project, combines sporting performance (French U17 Champion and best CFA in France in 2015) and education (100% success rate at the baccalaureate, post-baccalaureate courses offered).

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Dati fondamentali per gli sponsor

According to GECE for Audelor (2021), 74% of French people know FC Lorient, the 2nd "marker of the territory" at the national level.

According to IPSOS for the LFP (2017), 83% of French people have a positive image of the club.


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