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Jacob Axell Skysurfer

 Moorhead Skydiving


Epic athlete YOUR BRAND on my skydive stuff & in my videos ?-Professional Skydive Cameraman -Wingsuiter-SkySurfing-Epic Videos-HugeBRAND REP


My athlete ability allows me to do things alot of people cannot, very versatile,  I can cross or hybrid sports or movments easily , so between that and the wide open sport of skydiving the ability to produce,promote and showcase your brands,colors,images and sponsorship on a big stage as far as video and social media while reflect that , I make epic videos!!!!!!! I do epic stuff!!! I've skydived at night, I've brought alot of crazy objects skydiving so I am able to promote an individual item easy. I jumped out of a helicopter on new years in Florida and landed on a beach in front of 200 people….. I could have been wearing your sponsorship or brand just saying?….a week later I backflipped a rope swing off a hot air ballon in Arizona, I coulda been wearing your sponsership/brand, I can skydive any discipline ,wingsuiting,freefly, and currently in the works to bring back the lost Skydive art of Skysurf which will attract alot of attention, win a Xgames gold when they bring it back . Bottom line I'm going to do epic huge things and I want you to be along with me for that ride

I wana make great epic change in this world I just need a partnership to do that so I can focus on skydiving and hopefully through that make great change in this world for the better , help people and spread joy ,positivness and love

Unser idealer Sponsor

Major Sports Brand,health and wellness ,adventure sports, fitness,nutrition, planet saving, anything that can help humans or animals ,

Reichweiten / Links

Größte Erfolge

Helicopter jump,hot airballon jump,night jump,flag jump,being a professional skydiving cameraman and stunt man, anything we do in the future together 

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

Social media Gaining everyday ,every skydive season

I have also invested in a social media consultant 

Currently have Tik Tok,Facebook,Snapchat

Typical videos have 500-1000 views short term and still gaining long term interest

Very well at Public relations

-I regularly attend year round skydive “boogies” week or weekend events hundreds of attendees and fans lots of commerce and networking 

-I will be able to skydive into demonstrations for your company events or events you plan

 -want me to land into the company picnic swooping in with smoke trail and company sponsorship all over me with a surf board like a super hero?

-want me to break a world record wearing your sponsorship? cause I'm going to ….why not be apart of it ?…..that will have views I promise

-I can skydive over any terrain,object or structure in extreme conditions at exotic places

Together we can do anything the sky is not our limit


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