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Kennedy Thompson

 Houston Lanzamiento de Disco, Lanzamiento de peso, Lanzamiento de jabalina ...

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I do AAU Track and play volleyball I’m in the Class of 2023 at Clear Brook High school


As an athlete, I’m a visual learner and tend to pick up things fast. I have played basketball volleyball and track, and still continue to play volleyball and track. I’m a 3 year varsity volleyball player and 2 year Varsity Track athlete. This year was my first year on varsity for Track and I was district champion and 5th out of Area. I am now heading on to Junior Olympics after coming first for our district and regionals meets in Discus. I recently had an injury this past season, but that didn’t stop my from trying to throw left handed for a little bit. I learned to see the better side of things and gave what I knew to the others who were knew to the sport and our club. I enjoy helping, giving back, and mentoring alongside working hard and giving 110% every time I step on the field or court. 

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I a twitter page for my throws and volleyball videos, and two instagram accounts, one personal and one for my throws account 

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