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Samuel Sapho

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I play first team hockey and it is my second year representing the Provincial Boland team I need financial aid to cover the costs of my kit


I'm chasing a goal… and like all goals there are obstacles. I play First Team Hockey for Hermanus High School. I have been 1 of 2 students chosen to represent in 2022's Provincial Boland team and I need that achievement to fulfill my goal in taking hockey after school a bit more seriously. I'm in need of financial aid to cover my kit fee and tournament fee. I hope this paragraph has inspired you to help a young student to turn a dream into success

Dati fondamentali per gli sponsor

• Each year a average of 100 players are chosen to go to the first round of trials by the second round there are about 65 then qualification amount is 48

•Most prices for the tournament are about R5000 to R7000 (excluding kit price)

•Kit prices differ from what you buy but is about R1500

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