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Building on the dreams of my predecessors, I became the first Cypriot water polo player to be transferred to an A1 Greek team.


My brother, Stefanos Michaelides, was born an underdog — whether be medical conditions, social integration or the inevitability of geography and wealth. I am here to tell you his story.

He overcame each and every obstacle until now, because in the world of Stefanos, there is no other possible imagined life, than the one of a champion. That is why, it is important for him to get at least, the chance to chase what he believes is his own. For that, I invite you to dive into a brief history into his life, up to the ultimate crossroad, that incited the need for this campaign.

Stefanos was 3 years old when he was diagnosed with autism and expressive & receptive speech disorder. He entered a very intensive program of speech therapy and occupational therapy. He managed - with some delay - to enter the regular school program with special aid, while his mother ceased all professional work in order to accompany and supervise him, during this intensive series of therapies. Until 5 years old, his ability for verbal communication was little to none. There was a gradual improvement until he was 9 years old. 

At the age of 9 - he was kicked out from the swimming team of the local nautical club, since they reached into the conclusion that he was “unable to keep up with the rest of the kids”.

In light of this, he joined the water polo team instead. Directly after joining the water polo academy, he showed signs of flourishing both as an athlete and as a person. The team setting favored frequent interaction with other people, oriented towards a common goal. A sense of community can single handedly alter a person's relationship with life itself.


A year later, I was diagnosed with Wilson's disease and consequently so did my brother, at the age of 10 - it was a period of uncertainty and turmoil. The newly discovered disease is a whole seperate adventure - it made the need for a controlled environment even more paramount.

Despite this, he continued training zealously and soon became an aspiration for his peers. He found his area of specificity, as a dynamic and explosive center-forward, the leading player that directs offensive attacks.

At the age of 15, he became a member of the U17 National Team, where he participated in international tournaments with game-altering performances and historically, the top scorer of the team across different tournaments. 

Cyprus scored 4th place in the EU Nations Cup and also its first official win in the U17 European Championship Qualifiers in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Due to his athletic development he was transferred to one of the best Greek water polo teams, Panionios, at the age of 16 (in 2023). This marked the event of the first young Cypriot waterpolo player to be transferred to an A1 Greek team, encapsulating all the efforts and dreams of his predecessors - to make Cyprus a cradle of extraordinary players that inherit the deep tradition of Greek Water Polo. 

Cyprus can become a powerhouse for more players like Stefanos, that aim high and reach high. The financial cost and mental expenditure an endeavor such as this requires, renders it almost unfeasible. What Stefanos could achieve, goes beyond what a man could achieve by overcoming his personal disabilities, but it can also embody the struggle that a small nation has to endure to overcome its collective malaise. Perchance, a symbol of hope.


Now it comes down to what it takes for this goal to be achieved. It is a 3 year project until he surpasses the age of 18. 

He needs to move to Athens with a companion, as his condition requires - which would naturally be his mother. The annual cost for such an endeavor would approximately be 25,000 euros per year (including housing, living expenses, traveling costs, costs of personal and team athletic activities etc). At a primary stage, we aim to see if we can cover the expenses for Year 1.

Autism and chronic disease, can feel extremely isolating — not just for a child with autism, but for siblings and parents too. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a robust orientation, a social disadvantage can transform into unparalleled focus and sheer determination.

The fulfillment of this goal will allow a very exceptional athlete to reach the top while competing in a world where he refuses to identify as someone that deserves pity. This is the way.

The fruitfulness of this campaign will determine the path of a potential spokesman, for all the underprivileged athletes of the earth. Preaching inclusivity and representation, without lowering the standards, but encouraging everyone to overcome them.

The lowest hanging fruit is that Stefanos gets a chance to chase his dream — he shall not waste it, nor say that what he cannot reach is bitter. Playing in a top league outside Cyprus, is the first big leap towards even greater things.

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-A growing following on Instagram, finding a sponsor would help increase that following.(At the time of writing it is around 3000)

-Panionios is among the best water polo academies in Greece.

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