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Troy Pennington

 Auckland Speedway


I am an 18 year old TQ Midget racer from Western Springs Speedway. I have come up through the ranks and prove to be a consistent front-runner and feature winner. I have boasted many achievements, both on the track and off the track which Im proud of.


Speedway racing at Western Springs is one of the most followed forms of motorsport in New Zealand. Thus, providing your brand with maximum coverage everytime my race hits the race track.  

Gaining sponsorship is not something I take lightly. I understand that I am representing not only myself, but your brand and values through your support. I hold this responsibility close to me and ensure I portray the best image, no matter the situation. 

Over the past 8 years I have managed to build great relationships with my sponsors and I believe giving back to them is just as important. Such as, me attending trade events, fitness videos and a Go Karting night. 

I believe my consistency on the track and skills off the track make me a great sponsor pick. 

some of my results this year include;

1st in the BT Memorial

2nd in the NZ TQ Grand Prix

2nd in the TQ Masters

5th in the TQ King of the springs

An Average finish of 4.5

Reach / Links

Dati fondamentali per gli sponsor

Through my social media platforms I have over 6,000 followers. Western Springs Speedway attracts 100,000 people each season to watch the racing. Live streaming of most events aired globally to Flo Racing, average viewership of 8,500 people. Weekly highlights show on NZTV3. 

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