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Utkarsh Kamal

 panki, kanpur Arena Football, Fußball, Hindernislauf ...


I have been playing football since 8 years of age , and participated in a lot of events in kanpur (208020) and now I have moved to nagpur for higher studies but here also I managed to play under reliance foundation tournaments, university games etc


Hello sponsor,

The reasons for you to sponsor are -

I have been playing football and atheletic event from an early age , and that's why has been able to participate in so much interschool , intercollege , regional , university games, local private tournaments and some national level tournaments , 

Even I was the one in my nearby playground who influenced the nearby kids to play football and almost every person who came to that ground knows me even when I stopped playing there. 

Now I'm in college in nagpur and here also I have been playing against different colleges and even with their teams too , and have a lot of connections to a lot of different players and people here also.

I hope these reasons are good enough to get a sponsor.



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