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Yulia Fedorova

 Finland Pattinaggio su ghiaccio, Sport invernale


Figure skater from Finland


I'm one of the best Finnish figure skaters.

 I'm in the Finnish figure skating youth national team and I'm looking for a sponsor to help me to progress and to take my skating to the next level.

I'm is currently 14 years old and I was Helsinki Capital area Champion for several years. I also got high places in Finnish National championships and international competitions (for instance, 3rd place last year in the Halloween Cup in Budapest).

I'm coached by the best coaches in the best Finnish figure skating club with a history of growing World and European medalists and champions.

I love figure skating and I have all chances to become one of the best Finnish skaters in future.

Figure skating is an expensive sport, especially on an international level, and we are looking for sponsors who can help us in different areas - providing training gear or paying for training and training gear, for travel and camps, for medical services and other sport related activities.

Would you be interested in sponsoring me any possible way?

Reach / Links

Dati fondamentali per gli sponsor

Social media followers - around 1000 on several accounts.

Audience per competition varies, some international competitions can get tens of thousands of viewers and coverage in TV. Local competitions have only tens and hundreds.



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