1. FC Nürnberg Frauen- und Mädchenfußball e. V.

 Nürnberg Calcio


1.FC Nuernberg Frauen and Maedchenfussball e.V. had been foundet in 1988. We are an independet club under the umbrella of the 1.FC Nuernberg


Wir haben momentan 6 Mannschaften im Spielbetrieb:

Damen I    Regionalliga mit Ambitionen zur 2. Liga

Damen II   Bayernliga

Damen III  BOL 

U17           Bayernliga mit Ambition U17 Juniorinnen Bundesliga

U16           Landesliga

U15           BOL

Wir haben eine enge Kooperation mit der Bertolt Brecht Schule (Elite Schule des Fussballs) und der Lothar v. Faber Fachhochschule. 

Als Verein bauen wir gezielt auf unsere Jugend und wollen unsere Spielerinnen systematisch verbessern und weiterentwickeln


Sponsor desiderato

Our Vision as a club is to play 2. league with our senior team and U17 Bundesliga with our leading junior team

The ideal partnership would be to create a win win situation for both sides, leading to a long term partnership

We will find a good offer for any partner who is willing to support our teams and our vision. 

An investor who is willing to support our way is welcome.

Utilizzo della Sponsorizzazione

First we need to cover running costs like travel or referees. On top of this we like to invest into structural improvements, like physio therapy, video analysis, and education of coaches.

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I più grandi successi

  • Damen: Frauenbundesliga Season 1999/2000 | DFB Pokal last 16 2019/2020
  • U17:      Juniorinnen Bundesliga 2012 - 2019 | 3. Deutsche Meisterschaft Futsal 2017
  • European Championship for school soccer tohether with  Bertolt Brecht Schule 2016

Dati fondamentali per gli sponsor

It's possible to advertise your products or company brand your company in combination with the brand of 1.FC Nuernberg in a low price range


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Instagram about. 2800 followers #clubfrauen


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