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3BL esports

 Cairo League of Legends


3bl was created in March 2020. It managed to earn 4th place in our 1st tour; Red pull pro seed tournament in League of legends. We earned 1st place in the 2nd tournament joined. Valorant Team was created in 2021.


•Giving out exposure for the sponsorship , as detailed in the analysis.

•Having multiple content creators , from different regions with high numbers of followers.

•Making partnered tournaments for the community under the sponsor name.

•Having the logo on all our social media posts , content creators and pro jerseys.

•Becoming well known in the MENA region as we always gain top 4 in all MENA tournaments.

•Joining all MENA tournaments in variable games (lol – valorant- pubg- wildrift.)

•Having good management staff in all E-sports stuff.


Reach / Links

Dati fondamentali per gli sponsor

One of the highly known E-sports team in Egypt. 


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