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Anja Osterman

 sl Kanurennsport


Hi, my name is Anja and i’m coffee lover😊 i’m Slovenian paddler with multiple (EU, WC-cup, WC) medals, training hard to achive my goal, Olympic medal at Tokyo games.


There are so many reasons why i love sport but a huge one is the connections it has with sea. Sport can be challenging, sport can be testing but sport can also be  filled with friendship, laughs and experience. As an athlete it easy to forget about uniqueness of our jobs, the fact we don't choose these team mates or coaches we see everyday, but if i asked I would choose them everyday. My team is small and uniqe It's me, my k2 partner and her husbend as our coach. Togheter we are fierce and we work well togheter due to all great results we achived togheter. We started paddling togheter in k2 in 2017 and been on the podium on every race. We have medals from Europeans, world cups, world championships and also got tickets for Tokyo Games. The reson why i would choose my team everyday is because they make me better, they help me get up on the days that are hard, they believe in me when it's hard to believe in myself and they make this journey more epic then ever. I choose kajak as my sport when i was 10 years old today i'm 27. I never would thought back then where i am now, it has made me think back on the journey and the highs and lows i have been through to get the place physucally and mentally i am now. When i'm coming into racing i remind myself this is my turn to shine.

I'm training towrds my first Olympic games and goal is clear, i wanna win a medal to fufill my medal collection. To my dreams became reallity and to stand on that podim proud. Whey to the top is had and long, and i'm looking for some help.

Unser idealer Sponsor

The perfect sponsor is an international brand who is looking to engange with a sport/kajak community via my social-media reach.

Anyhow, I would be happy to work with any interesting brand who I think would be a good fit for the both of us!


Being a female kajaker, we do not get equal treatment as other athletes of more popular sports. We rely on the support of endorsements and sponsorships to thrive while racing the sport we love. Your sponsor will help support my professional career! Thank you.

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