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Bianca Rötterer

 Bramfeld Kilpatanssi, Tanssi


we need financial support to get to the german and european championships. T


We are hot, very ambitious, and train with the best!

For 2 years we have been training with the reigning Vice World Champions in Professional Standard Ballroom Dancing as well as a multiple German Champion.  

usually 1 - 2 years in each starting class

  • Standard class D: 4 months
  • Standard Class C: 5 months
  • Standard Class B: 17 months (due to Corona Lockdown)
  • Standard Class A: 3 months, our current starting class

We need financial support to get to the German and European Championships. 


Total danced tournaments: 76,  Therefore 1st place achieved: 26, - Therefore championship titles won: 6,  Therefore international danced tournaments: 1 (WDSF out of 92 couples, place 58)

Avainluvut sponsoreille

instagram profle biancaroetti since couple of month

we drive to every competition in Germany,  you can have a look into:

we would like to go to the German- and European Championships.

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