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Gerda-Maria Klostermann-Mace

 Lechbruck am See Skydiving


Passionierte Fallschirmsportlerin und Mitglied der Nationalmannschaft klass. Disziplinen (Ziel und Figuren), Dreizehnte (von 45) der Weltrangliste.


Female athlete with 4 decades experience, very reliable and successful, 164cm, 54kg.  My parachute (main canopy) has an area of 254 square feet which can be printed with any label and can be seen widely in the sky for at least 2 minutes with each jump (about 350 times a year). I mainly jump in Europe but also beyond for training (Dubai, USA, Australia). I compete in our World Cup Series, World Championships and European Championships (FAI CAT I -Events) and also some other fun-competition events with also strong media presence.

Languages: German and English

Facebook account has currently 4375 followers.  Instagram and Twitter can be set up and fed with short vids easily. 

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As parachuting, especially in Accuracy discipline, where you can watch the skydivers and their results from short distance, there are thousands of spectators and TV presence. Special interests come to the female athletes, who are still in the minority (ca. 15 to 20 %). 

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