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Hurricane of Feathers

 Matosinhos Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Rocket League


HOF esports is a professional esports organization headquartered in Porto, Portugal. Currently competing in the biggest portuguese esports league: LPLOL. The team has players from around europe and was founded in 2021.


1. Brand Visibility

2. Generate media exposure.

3. Foster a positive reputation

4.  Increase reach. 


We have a lot of social media presence. Over the last 6 months, we growed 1500% and expect the numbers to rise since we are officially competing in the biggest tournament in Portugal Competitive scene.

Strategic sponsorship encourages word-of-mouth marketing.  People who attend or watch the events that you sponsor us, will have a positive interaction with your brand and continue to talk about your service or product. If your company's name is on the teams promotional materials, jerseys, emails and advertisements, you have an additional opportunity to reach more customers.


Reichweiten / Links

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

LPLOL 2021 Summer / Statistics:

Peak Viewers: 10 560
Average Viewers: 2 115

Hours Watched: 180 968

Air Time: 86h


Our Twitter Analytics: 
12129 Twitter Impressions

24300 Profile Visits


What we offer:

- Social media integration

- Logo on pre-game and in-game overlays.

- Logo in all three divisions pages on the website

- Linked banner on the homepage of the website

- Live stream auto-message with link in chat every 8 minutes

- Video ad up to 1 minute on stream during the breaks on streams

- Video commercial the highest viewership peak (during the tactical & technical pauses)

- Linked banner in Twitch panel

- Dedicated post on social media (5x/month)

- Sponsored giveaway (1x on social media, 1x on live stream)

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