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Jenny Halldorsdottir

 Kópavogi Klettern, Schwierigkeitsklettern


A 15 year old climber going places. Main goal is 2028 Olympics. Advertising on Tik Tok and Instagram for example with climbing videos.


I am a very dedicated athelete. I have great ambitiones for my future in climbing. I intend to be among the best and I am practicing hard for it. 

I am a caring and considering person and I would represent your product or company with the utmost respect. 

I will show progress in my field and that will reflect well on your sponsorship and products. 

My infectious and big smile will be great front for your company. 

I would advertise your product on social media and could carry your logo on my climbing clothes. 

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Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

  • My association is quite big in Iceland and is growing here as in other countries.
  • Climbing is now an Olympic sport, getting global coverage.
  • The age of climbers is  15-35 years.
  • I compete in big Icelandic competitions 5 times a year, some of which is Live on TV, others get coverage in the news. 
  • I compete in two Nordic Championships a year. in the youth category U16 for now. 
  • I compete in 6 European Cup youth championships a year 
  • Finals in both European cup and Nordic championship is streamd live with Youtube. 
    • European cup : around 20 thousand views 
    • Nordic champ: around 10 thousand views.
  • I have taken part in 2 Nordic championships and reached the finals both times. Finished 8th and 7th. 
  • My Instagram page has now only 300 followers and my TikTok account has just under 700 followers  - I would aim to increase that number significantly. Preferably to your target group.
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