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Lea Shabani

 Hohenhameln Motorsport, Kartsport


I am Lea Shabani 14,a girl which grew up in Germany. A racing driver with the dream to get Sponser and get far in Motorsport.


A sponser should sponser me because of loyalty,Talent and to see a girl get her dream come true. The Sponser would get a lot of public attention at an racing track and on social Media. Advertising wouldnt be a Problem. And to have a big Talent on your side isnt a bad thing.

Unser idealer Sponsor

No matter but a sponser which is ready.

Größte Erfolge

Biggest succes:

Getting into a kart-academy.

Having a contract with renault next year.

Getting into the Kart Bundesliga.

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

Insta: follower:1.234 (aktiv:ca. 762)

Twitter:follower 643(aktiv:ca.300-400)

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