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Lorenzo Bertonelli

 Montignoso Motorsport, Formelsport, Kartsport


HI, i'm Lorenzo Bertonelli and i'm 15. After several tests with positive results I'm looking for sponsors for the 2023 season



The path of karting for a driver who manages to get to Formula One remains an eternal moment. Any Formula One driver now recalls karting as the best moment, consequently the visibility, support and credibility is anticipated for a partner who sponsors motorsport through karting and it can last for a long time and gain eternal value. The sponsor who will follow Lorenzo Bertonelli will have constant visibility in every race weekend and the driver will be available to present or better represent any company product. Lorenzo bertonelli will compete in one of the most important championship of italy, the IAME series senior


The sponsorship will be used to help financially Lorenzo Bertonelli during the 2023 season of IAME Series Italy (One of the most important championships in Italy)

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What do we offer to sponsors? We offer the possibility to insert your name (logo) directly on the vehicle and inside the paddock, it will be inserted on the rider's Instagram page and also on the rider and team website, all x30 and national races are broadcast in streaming and on sky channels. GO-TV CHANNEL 163,