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Mark Højfeldt

 Viby-Viby J Squash


I'm a sports athlete. That is working every day to become a better squash player. I'm fairly new to the sport, but have been many prompted as a upcoming talent that will take his place in the national ranking but also play a role in European squash.


The specific reason why you as a sponsor should even consider me as a athlete to sponsor comes down to 3 main key point. My work ethic, my undying will to succeed and last but not least my integrity. 


I'm one of those type of persons, that will do what others won't do to get the work done. If it means I have to wake up early to go for a run, because my later day is booked - then that is what have to be done. Many people describe it as just wanting something bad enough, but it just comes down to dedication. I'm dedicated to the bone with this. I want to become the best squash player physically possible for me - for me I believe that means a key figure within the European and even perhaps the international level of squash. Being a sponsor for me means being a sponsor for someone who want it to succeed more than the sponsor. 

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

I'm playing all around in Denmark at the moment with about 30-80 people spectating with livestreams with a lower level of watching. I have a follow group of people across all social media platforms that accumulates to approx. 2000 people.  

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Viby Squash Club (Verein)
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