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 GAZIPUR Cricket


Captain of Bangladesh Wheelchair Cricket Team & Champion at "1st Int. WC Tournament,2017.Indo-Bangla T20 WC Series,2018.Uttarkhand Cup 2018.


My name is Md.Mohasin, I am 33 and I am the captain of the Bangladesh wheelchair cricket National Team which won several national international trophies and awards over the years. Wheelchair cricket is probably the most followed and known sports among wheelchair sport in Asia, it is almost similar to able body cricket in all its tactics. I usually participate in activities of promotion of Paralympics sport in school, universities, and conferences, meeting a lot of kids and teenagers; they listen to the story of my life and my experiences. Under my Captaincy, Bangladesh won three international trophies and Runner up in two international championships. Besides my sports career, I am the founder of two organizations such as Wheelchair Cricket Welfare Association and Bangladesh Cricket Association for the physically challenged the first disabled sports organization.


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