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Rafael Navas

 Kissimmee Beach-Tennis


Hi, I am a 21 years old Venezuelan, playing Beach Tennis as a Professional career, I've been playing this sport for around 5 years, ranked on #415 in the World, I have achieved multiple tournaments and just keep growing and growing.


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I need the sponsor because right now I am very limited,  for the reason that I don't have enough money to invert on my career, currently I have 2 sponsors who support me, KONA, that gives me all the necessary equipment, such as uniforms, bags, hats, all that. And also I have, TIE BEACH TENNIS, they help me with the registration expenses for each of the tournaments.

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Currently I have almost 2k followers on Instagram, I am very active on my social media.

When beach tennis tournaments are big, they do tv streaming on Brazil and they do live streaming of the games on YouTube, with an active of 3000 watching at the same time.

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