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Samuel Johnson

 Philadelphia Basketball


My name is Sam Johnson, and I am from Philadelphia, pa. I attend school at High Point University in North Carolina.


I have been doubted all my life. I'm 5'8 going to try out for a division one basketball team, and my dream is the NBA. Since high school, people have looked at me and overlooked me due to my size. I wasn't the best player in high school, but my passion for the game and drive motivated me. I wanted to get recruited to a division one school or a d2 school during high school. I had one walk-on opportunity for d1, and a few d2 and d3 schools were interested, but no offer. Again, I was overlooked because of my size. Even though I did not get an athletic scholarship, I got an entire ride academic scholarship to a division one school. Some people call it coincidental, but I call it destiny.Yes, I wasn't on the d1 team right away, but I was willing and still am eager to work my butt off until I make the team. I started on the club team until I was ready to try out for the team physically and mentally. I am now a sophomore, and I am prepared to try out for this team and make this team and not just make it but make an impact on the floor. All my hard work will pay off. I am a sophomore, and next semester, I will be trying out and will prove everyone wrong who ever doubted me and overlooked me. It would help if you sponsored me because I am willing to work harder than anyone else. I understand that this sponsorship is a two-way street. So I don't just want this to benefit me, but I want it to help you. If you give me a chance and do not overlook me, you won't regret your decision.   

Unser idealer Sponsor

My ideal sponsor is someone is believes in me. Someone who I can trust and who can trust me. Someone who I can instantly have a connection with and someone who could take my image to the next level.  

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Größte Erfolge

I have a lot of successes, from back when I was in high school, winning all my local business entrepreneurship competitions and competing nationally, to being the valedictorian in high school, to being on a newspaper, and to getting a full-ride academic scholarship and having the opportunity to tryout for a d1 team.  

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

I don't have a ton of followers, but I can always get that number up. On Instagram, I follow 1,353, and my followers are 601. I get about 100 likes on average. I have 171 Facebook friends, which is a lot, given that I don't use Facebook a lot. I get about 50-70 likes on average.  I have made 210 connections on LinkedIn and get about 20-50 likes on average. The men's division 1 basketball team on Instagram has 3,579 people following their page with 200-300 likes on average. One of their posts was liked by 762 people. This is a massive platform for me when I make the team.  

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