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Sebastien de Warren

 Big Bear City Kalliokiipeily, Jääkiipeily


My name is Sebastien and I am a college student. I am a well seasoned hiker looking to make it in the Mountaineering world as I want to help promote environmental change and want to motivate people to go more outdoors. I am a philosopher/athlete.


Why should you sponsor me:

Being an athlete is not new to me. I was a rower at UCSB till I discovered that my passion was mountaineering. Which is why I want to tap into the mountaineering world, yet equipment costs money. Therefore anything goes a long way to sponsor my journey as a collegiate mountaineering athlete. Furthermore I am a thinker and I want to promote a message through my athleticism. I want to help promote environmentalism, as well as be a motivational speaker. I want to do this from the perspective of mountaineering. Mountaineering is not just a sport, it is a way of life and a way of thinking and therefore I want to show others the benefits of the outdoors. Which is why I want to help promote a sport along with change making.So therefore I am asking for money to help pay for classes so I can pursue my passion and help promote my message safely before taking-on bigger mountains. Ideally I would use the money for mountaineering classes and ice climbing lessons.


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