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Tomas Ferrari

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Track and field Athlete at the University of Arkansas Ig: +100k followers


My name is Tomas Ferrari. I am a Track & Field student athlete from the University of Arkansas. I was born in the US but lived almost all my life in Argentina. As an influencer I like to connect US brands with my audience from Latin America.

One of the most common mistakes I see when international brands use paid advertising targeted to Argentine markets is that their translations- or localizations- randomly switch between the Argentine Spanish variant and the more “neutral” Spanish variant.

Ads that seek to target particular Latin Americans may leverage the wrong version of Spanish or an ineffectual, “neutral” version of it.

Furthermore, I see how a neutral approach alienates some consumers who do not use particular keywords. Additionally, it grows apparent to consumers when a brand is not aware of regional differences in language.


Hispanic marketing strategy requires localized effort and a granular understanding of region.



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