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I am a Obstacle course racer and runner looking for a sponsor to help with anything from travel cost, vehicle, sports clothes(I run with salomon kit at the moment), garmin watch, anything that can help me become the best racer I can be


My story is a bit different. I came from a alcoholic and drug addiction and turned my life around 5 years ago and became sober. I  started OCR racing (Obstacle course racing) in 2020 to just get fit but then became extremely competitive. 

I currently train with a club but all the things add up costs, from clothes to travel cost to watches. 

Races started last year since the Covid 19 Pandemic. In the last 3 Warrior races I have placed all top 20, not bad for a beginner and I know I have much more talent waiting to be unlocked.  I have qualified to take part in the OCR Word Championship in Belgium in September 2023, which there is also cost such as travel etc.  OCR is also trying to get into the 2028 Olympic games. 

Anything these days will help immensely towards my journey. 


Looking forward to hearing back from you

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Warrior Race Instagram.  10.5k followers, attendees 3000+- and the still supporters. 

Each road race I do has anything from 1000 entries. 


World champs will have huge amount of viewers on all platforms. 


If it gets to Olympic games then it's massive

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