Sponsoo Agent

Job Description


Then become a Sponsoo Agent!

As a freelance Sponsoo Agent, you acquire sponsors for our athletes and teams. You get a commission for each deal that you broker!

Required Competencies

We're looking for communicative Sponsoo Agents who act as a freelance sales person and convince sports people and brands of the advantages of sport sponsorships. Your objective is to close sponsorships between our athletes and sponsors. For example, you'd do the following:

Disclaimer: When referring to "Sponsoo Agent", we refer to the gender-neutral form of the word. We are looking forward to receive applications from both women and men!


You get a commission of 50.00% of our profit from each sponsorship that you broker (at our current commission of 20%, you'd thus get 10% of the total sponsorship volume).

We also support you with presentations, templates, and personal support and help you as good as possible with your sales activities. You're nonetheless totally free how you want to spend your time and from where you work. You also get a glimpse into one of the most exciting sports startups in Europe and significantly contribute to our success!

Contact Person

We're looking forward to your application. Your contact person is Andreas Kitzing. Please send your application to jobs@sponsoo.com.