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AFC 1979 e.V. "Bulldozer" Düsseldorf

 Düsseldorf American Football, Cheerleading, Flag Football


We, the Düsseldorf Bulldozers, were founded in 1979 and are therefore the second oldest continuously existing football club in Europe.


After a few years of sporting setbacks, we are on the way up again!

In the 2017 season, we not only managed to secure promotion ahead of time, we also managed the "Perfect Season" with the last game of the season - all games were won.

In the 2018 and 2019 seasons, we were able to secure two further promotions with 9 wins from 10 games each, so that we will now play in the regional league (3rd league) after the third promotion in a row.

After the cancellation of the 2020 season due to COVID-19, the team was able to finish the 2021 season undefeated. The promotion to the GFL2, and thus the second highest division in German American football, could not (yet) be achieved, as there were two draws (yes, that's in Germany) in the end.

In 2023 we will again be playing in the third highest division in Germany and will continue to work on making the leap into the GFL2 and thus on a national level in the medium term.

The sporting development and our continuous development and expansion of our youth department over the last few years underlines our claim to become a fixture in German football again. That's why we always pay attention to the comprehensive education of our youth and the sustainability of our investments in order to guarantee a secure future for our traditional club.

For this we need financial help for things like training equipment, jersey sets and training camps in order to continue to follow our way up in the next few years.

Sponsoring in kind also helps us immensely, for example to equip our catering area on the game day.

In return for your sponsorship, we offer a variety of advertising options that can be put together individually for you. This includes, for example, jersey advertising, advertising banners or flyer campaigns on the game day or promotional appearances by our players at your company events.

All top offers (packages) are only examples and can be individually adjusted after consultation.

Sponsorship Usage

- Development and expansion of the youth and cheerleading department

- Jersey sets

- Training equipment (block slides, balls, tackle cushions)

- Training camp

- Increasing the attractiveness of home games

- Public relation

Reach / Links

Greatest successes


2017 promotion to the 5th league with a perfect season

2018 promotion (9 out of 10 games won) to the 4th league (Oberliga)

2019 promotion (9 out of 10 games won) to the 3rd division (regional league)

- 1984 Quarterfinal German Championship

- 1984 German Youth Championship

- 1988 and 1989 Round of 16 German Championship

- 1984 - 1990 GFL

- German women's runners-up in 2010, 2011 and 2012

- Consistent participation in game operations since the company was founded

- All-time Bundesliga table 29th place

Key figures for sponsors

Average attendance at home games: Approx. 250

Facebook subscribers: about 2200

Instagram followers: around 1500

Average Facebook reach per month: almost 40,000


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