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Ariel Simmons

 Palmer Lake المبارزه, فنون الدفاع عن النفس


Multiple time USA Fencing National Team member Training for the Olympic Games Volunteer Assistant Coach for US Air Force Academy NCAA Fencing Team


I am an athlete who respects and focuses on wholistic preparation, as well as giving back to the community.
I live at altitude (7250ft elevation), swim 3+km per week, hike in the Rocky Mountains on weekends, meditate and do visualization daily, do yoga 2-3 times per week, and do weight training. This is all simply cross-training. for fencing, I take 3 private lessons per week with my coach, and fence 3-4 days per week. I fund all of my training myself.

Before and during college, I had a very decorated and successful career, but it was funded by parents/NCAA scholarship. Now, post-college, I work full-time to make it all happen.

I also volunteer as a coach for the US Air Force Academy’s NCAA fencing team as a form of paying it forward. I work with amazing athletes and young leaders, helping shape them into champions on the fencing strip as well.

I have found a way to make it all work for me, but help from a sponsor (equipment, nutrition, travel costs, etc) would significantly help me pursue my goals. 

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1800 Instagram followers, but could grow presence based on requirements.

~300 competitors per national/international event

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New York Athletic Club (نادي)
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