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Camille Chenaux

 Roma العاب القوي, تشغيل متوسط المسافة


Swiss middle distance runner, based in Rome. My specialties are 1500 m and 5000 m. I won bronze medal at outdoor Swiss Championship 2021 in 5000 meters now focused on chasing my dream, Olympic games in 2024 in Paris. Influencer >53k followers on IG


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25.07.2021 16:34 ·
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16.09.2020 Bellwellgirl — Interview Of The Week with Camille Chenaux: The Sporty Blonde — Bell Well Girl n/a  
25.07.2021 16:19 ·

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>53 k followers on IG

Camille uses social media a lot to communicate her passion, hoping to be able to inspire especially the youngest, in building their dreams, in trying to make them come true, but above all She tries to show that nothing is achieved without sacrifice and that what you get with sacrifice has no equals, it is the greatest prize that can be obtained.


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