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Deutsche Turnliga e.V.

 Heilbronn Gymnastics, Apparatus Gymnastics


The German Gymnastics League (DTL) officially represents the interests of the federal associations women & men (gymnastics) and rhythmic gymnastics



We are the DFL of gymnastics.


After many lean years, German gymnastics has returned to the world sporting arena. Stars like Fabian Hambüchen , Marcel Nguyen or Elisabeth Seitz have pulled the core Olympic sport back into the public eye from the obscurity of a fringe sport. Germany also presents itself internationally at the highest level with its national teams: The titles and medals of the women and men are a sign and result of modern and effective youth work in the clubs.

The German Gymnastics League (DTL) is the basis of these clubs. She carries gymnastics to the regions. For many years, the DTL has organized the competitions of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd federal leagues as well as the regional leagues and thus makes a major contribution to the successful further development of German gymnastics.

Part of this further development is also the presence of DTL on the internet and social media. DTL wants to provide information here even faster, more comprehensively and more profoundly than before. Not just about their leagues, but about gymnastics as a whole. She wants to build bridges between the top performers and the interested public and provide the spectators with the necessary tools so that they can meet the fascination of gymnastics with the necessary background knowledge.

In addition, we want to bring new glory to the Olympic sport by attracting new viewers through the emotions inherent in the sport and the excitement of competition and rivalry. Our goal is to be able to take our sport to a new and modern level with the right partner at our side.

The number of spectators at the Olympic Games in Tokyo (2021) show that our sport has this potential and can arouse the interest of the general public:


Gymnastics topped [along with rugby] the ARD Olympic ratings chart. An average of 2.2 million viewers watched the almost two-hour broadcast, the market share was 25.5 percent of the total audience and even rose to an outstanding 30.2 percent among 14 to 49 year olds.


Our preferred sponsor


We want a partner, not just a sponsor.


Strong gymnasts need strong partners.

Because sustainable performance takes time. We are familiar with that.

For this reason, we also attach great importance to the fact that every DTL partnership is unique. We don't have any ready-made off-the-shelf compulsory packages. We would like to offer you an individual solution that is tailor-made for you, according to your ideas and needs, with our "perfect fit" guarantee.


From advertising media to live TV presence - we can help you with our athletes to make your company visible in many ways.

We would be happy to sit down with you to find the perfect solution for the integration of your company.


Let's talk about it!


Sponsorship Usage


As those responsible for league operations in gymnastics, we try year after year to do everything that is economically viable in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Bundesliga, as well as in the regional leagues, at the highest level.


The successes and last but not least the large number of spectators in recent years show us that a wide audience can be inspired with a unique concept of top-class sport and family event.

Help us to further develop the RSG and gymnastics in Germany.

Together we can push boundaries and establish the sport at the highest level in the long term.


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Key figures for sponsors



  • We organize nationwide competitions and championships in several disciplines for 17 leagues with 117 clubs and their almost 1700 gymnasts (m/f/d). We are responsible for:
    • 40 clubs in men's artistic gymnastics
    • 48 clubs in women's artistic gymnastics
    • 9 clubs in the youth Bundesliga
    • 20 clubs in Rhythmic Gymnastics (RSG)


  • Olympic gymnastics broadcast 2021: an average of 2.2 million viewers, ARD market share of 25.5% of the total audience; among 14 to 49 year olds even 30.2%


  • Competition meetings and events , a total of 181 per year :
    • 142 men's competitions
    • 26 women's competitions
    • 5 competitions of the RSG
    • 7 junior competitions
    • 1 major event : DTL final


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