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Liga Naval Mar de Alborán

 Malaga Sailing, Sport Event


The Alborán Sea Naval League is looking for a sponsor for our regatta team. A team made up of true winning men and women.


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Key figures for sponsors

Calculations from other years indicate that 15,000€ is the amount necessary to be able to be in the waters again, with expenses covered at the provincial level. Include the First League to Cruceros Senda Azul. To 26 of march to 29 of november.

In the Copa del Rey de Vela competition this year, 2023, the necessary amount amounts to 70,000€, especially for the materials and equipment of the boats, which are extremely expensive. The rest of the budget item falls within these amounts: kits, diets, accommodation, social networks and marketing.

The dissemination of these tests in the media represents an interesting increase compared to other competitions. The organizers' own Youtube channels and online disclosures have a great impact, especially on days in Mallorca, the participation of the Royal Family, the Navy with AIfos500 and now with the Alborán Sea Naval League.


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