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 Thessaloniki Aerobic, Akrobatik, Dancefloor ...


EER is activated in fine arts and sports through activism & volunteering for enhancingartistic healthy lifestyle, QoL, cultural heritage importance & aesthetics pursuing active citizenship. EER clubs are stated in local parks pursuing eco-awareness.


EER is very active during the whole year.


Every week we work on with our clubs. Every month we have at least, one training course for youth workers. Every 3 months we organize or coordinate a festival with national impact. We also apply several school programs being accreedited accordingly for paedagogic appropriatness of our projects for schoolmates of primary and secondary education. We also work with youth, enhancing their personal and professional development by applying erasmus and European Solidarity Corps projects.

We are members of several national and international networks and subsctibed in several national and international directories. We are also accredited with ESC label and have been distinguished several times for different reasons.


For full report of our background please check our PIF

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facebook: @esaienroi12

Websites: (central/ international news) (eu magazine) (gr blog for Greek citizens only)


Recent projects:

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