I.R.B.C - ملف الرعاية | Sponsoo


 Alger Amirouche المبارزه, فنون الدفاع عن النفس


Je cherche un sponsors pour la compétition "les jeux méditerranéen 2022 " qui aura lieu a Algérie , Oran


Faire connaître leurs marque en Algérie

Pouve investie sur le marche Algéria après


الراعي المفضل لدينا


المعلومات الهامة للرعاة

  • Our association has 500 members (65% female and 35% male)
  • The average age of the members is 14 - 35 years
  • Our home matches (14 per season) are visited by 200 visitors on average
  • Our Facebook page has 7,500 likes. We reach 1,500 people with every post
  • Our club website has 300,000 unique visitors and 900,000 page views per year
  • The club magazine appears quarterly in a circulation of 1,000 copies
  • By sponsoring our club, you can reach a clientele with an affinity for fashion & design


هذا الملف الشخصي متاح باللغات التالية:

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