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Jake Geis

 Bradenton رفع الاثقال


I am an Amateur Strongman looking for a small sponsor to fulfill my dream of winning Worlds Strongest Man.


28.10.2022 00:52 ·
28.10.2022 00:46 ·

Have a show October 29th Static Monsters, Max Axle Deadlift and Log Press

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28.10.2022 00:45 ·
Jake Geis شارك صورة
28.10.2022 00:44 ·
Jake Geis شارك صورة
11.10.2022 05:47 ·

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Competing in my first couple of shows has been a blast, just having trouble financially to afford this.

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Over 800 social media followers @savagestrength97

Competed in 2 Amateur shows 3/19/2021 place 3rd in Heavyweight Novice and 3/19/2022 and placed 4th in the Superheavyweight Open.

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