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Jeunesse d' Esch

 Luxembourg Football (Soccer)


Jeunesse D Esch is the most popular and titled team in Luxembourg


Founded in 1907 (by Italian immigrants from the Torino area, this is the reason why our name “Jeunesse” means “juventus” in italian and our colors are black and white), we are Luxembourg's most popular and most titled team (28 Championships, 13 Cups, 8 Coupe du Prince), with more than 200 official games in various UEFA competitions.

We play our home games at the Stadion Op der Grenz (“stadium of the borders”), the country's most historic football stadium where during our european campaigns we have played some notable matches against Real Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Celtic and Juventus.

We train at the Trainingskomplex Jeunesse Esch where we have all necessary facilities and infrastructures, two grass football piches and one synthetic football pitch

Excpet the A Team that competes in the countrys top league (BGL) we have 14 teams in all youth categories (U21 down to U7), all competing in repective national championships. In total there are more than 300 youths in our academies and on average 14 home or away games each weekend.

We have +-800 members/season ticket holders and average of -+1300 attendance, double the country's average

Our preferred sponsor

We are looking for national or  international brands with a presence in Luxembourg, or brands willing to establish themselves in EU and seek brand visibility

Sponsorship Usage

Sponsorship income is mainly channeled to cover our academy and infrastructures needs

Reach / Links

Key figures for sponsors

We run a FB and INsta acoounts, with +-7000 followers.

We have +-800 members/season ticket holders and average of -+1300 attendance, double the country's average

All our games are televised live via the RTL livearena platform.

We have the biggest Press coverage compared to any other team, as we are the most popular one.


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